May 25th, 2019 | Beginner Photography Workshop

12:30-4:00PM  Regina SK  Sunrise Library 3130 Woodhams Dr.

 Interactive 3 1/2 hour workshop for beginners. Understand your camera and how to take spectacular pictures with it. We start with the key settings and functions of your camera including the key shooting modes and when it makes sense to use each of them.

Learn the importance of light in photography and how to utilize it. Discover the "Exposure Triangle" - aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You will have practical exercises during the workshop to help you understand how they work together. Related subjects covered include exposure compensation, white balance, focus points, depth of field, focal lengths and lens types, field of view. Bring your camera and a lens with you to the workshop. You will practice the different settings as we go through the material. 

You must register to attend. Book your seat here at the website or email to request an invoice. Act fast, both the March and April workshops were sold out - class size is limited to 12 participants.


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Workshop Facilitator

I'm Grant and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with those who love photography as I do. I got my start a long time ago with film photography and development.  I truly loved that time but digital photography opened up an exciting new world for me and I've never looked back. The really cool thing is that all of the principles remain exactly the same. Digital however allows you to adjust on the fly...a huge advantage. We'll get into that. I facilitate rather than "show and tell" because I believe that every photographer has their unique view of the world and vast unlocked talent. You'll learn lots but you'll have fun too!

 From camera settings to taking amazing pictures, the lesson plan is to share foundational photography know how and best practices - you bring your camera, your curiosity and your imagination! We'll do practical exercises throughout to help you learn and to discover what you can do with your camera. The primary objective is that after this workshop you  have the knowledge you need to feel confident with your camera and feel inspired to tell great stories with your photographs!


Future Workshops

  • Portrait Photography
  • Lighting and Flash, Studio/Outdoors
  • Night Photography \ Star Photography, Light Painting
  • DSLR Video Shooting / Movie Making 
  • Photo Editing: Lightroom and Luminar
  • Video Editing: Premier Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects

Personal coaching sessions for 1-2 participants are available for any of these topics. Email to request information and for availability. 


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